About Us

SirTax is a virtual and ever-present tax and accounting application developed by seasoned IT specialists and Taxation Accountants. The application has been designed to easilly fit into your business model and assist you in complying with your periodic statutory obligations pertaining to NSSA and ZIMRA.

Our Mission

To empower our clients to handle their monthly tax and accounting obligations through the provision of an up to date, user friendly and highly efficient web-based application.

Our Plan

Our plan is to provide Small and Medium Enterprises with a high quality yet affordable platform which educates and enables them to compute their monthly PAYE and NSSA obligations, as well as to generate reports. The application will evolve to cover other tax and accounting products, including Income Tax in a bid to provide business owners with the facility to grasp full control of their accounting and taxation obligations.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer virtual taxation accountant in this 4th industrial revolution- providing the latest technologies which enable our clients to determine and fulfil their accounting and taxation obligations.

Service Offering

We offer the following services,
  • Computation of PAYE & generation of ZIMRA P2 report (PAYE Return).
  • Computation of NSSA & generation of NSSA P4A report (NSSA Return).
  • Storage of client data and information.
  • Raise awareness on procedures and legislation pertaining to accounting and taxation issues

Safety & Confidentiality

SirTax upholds customer confidentiality in high esteem as the system is bound by the ethics committee for accounts. Our services are provided with the highest levels integrity, objectivity, due care, privacy and professional competence.

Easy Customization

This virtual tax system is tailor made for Small to Medium Enterprises. It embraces technology which enables you to assess your taxation position, generate essential reports, make necessary payments and submit statutory returns remotely whist sitting in the comfort of your office or home.
NO travelling and waiting in long queues

Product Growth

The system is designed to be ever learning and upgrading. Changes in business operations and changes in taxation procedures are reflected promptly within the system, enabling it to adjust accordingly. Clients are also regularly informed about any of these changes. The end result is the growth of the product and the client in unison, in all taxation accounting matters.

Cloud Upload

The system allows for the storage of any information regarding computations, communications, payments and returns submitted within it. The client may also upload and secondary data which supports any taxation or accounting claims within the cloud. This information may be retrieved whenever necessary. In essence the client has been presented with the opportunity to create an entire virtual file which he can manage, containing all relevant accounting affairs.

Support & FAQ’s

SirTax makes use of an email platform and in app chat forums to respond to any queries regarding the website, its components or taxation matters that the client might encounter. You can also contact our accounting experts via voice call, messaging or whatsaap. Our team will also be available for scheduled visits, discussions and prompt desk audits. Technical support is also catered for round the clock, to ensure system functionality 24hrs a day. This is all to ensure that you as the client are well grounded and you appreciate your all-inclusive taxation status.

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